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Since 1979, the Garden City Model Railroad Club has been growing to the point that it is now open 7 days a week within the Ferrymead Heritage park.

We welcome you to this site and hope that one day you will be able to visit us in person to see our museum and club layouts.

President's Lines:

Another month has gone by and club life is as busy as ever. The Sausage sizzle at the beginning of the month was organized by Arthur at short notice in his usual efficient way in every detail. Purchasing the all-important sausages, plus onions, bread, tomato sauce, mustard, food handling gloves, soft drinks, and ice. He contacted the City Council regarding licensing, and the Health Department to make sure we weren't running foul of any of their regulations. Many thanks to Arthur for all that work, many thanks to Pono for arranging the use of an EFTPOS terminal for use on the day and thank you Vanessa (Ferrymead Front Office) for allowing our club the privilege to run the first sausage sizzle on a Steam Sunday. The Club also needs to acknowledge those few members who came to Ferrymead on that day to person that stand. That effort improved the club financial situation by a very healthy amount. WELL DONE ALL. My only wish is that a greater percentage of our member base supports these events or projects which are organized to benefit all our Club members and to help finance our Hobby. The basic annual subscription fee alone nowhere near covers all the GCMRC's annual running costs and we do need to run fundraising projects to keep the financial state of the club on a healthy footing. Working Bees are also essential to keep the layouts operational and premises looking tidy and attractive for our guests and visitors. Please support these to your best ability, we can and should not have to rely on the same few members to "supply" for all.

As you most likely know, RESENE PAINTS have generously gifted us $1500 worth of paint. John has spoken with the colour consultant and is preparing a plan of action to proceed with the repainting the public areas of our Club rooms to present a more modern museum-like image to the public. There are several associated, small repairs which should be carried out prior to applying the paint. John is organizing a working day for these; the Committee would very much appreciate if you could make yourself available for this.

David is presently preparing the club building and layout Opening and Closing instructions to ensure members are aware of the procedures to ensure building security and continuing public operational availability of the layouts. A good Club image to the public is generally rewarded by 'healthy' use of the donation boxes. Please understand these requirements, if you would like further information and reasons for these do not hesitate to ask.

These 'Presidential Lines' will be my last, a new President will be (will have been) elected by the time this newsletter reaches you. I would like to thank the Committee for their hard work, support and participation during the last year, you have been a great bunch of people to work with. I extend a big THANK YOU to Susie, the editor of this newsletter. Susie; all club members appreciate what you have done as editor of THE SLEEPER and we hope you may be able to carry on in that position. I thank all members who supported the GCMRC during the last year, be it simply by being a financial member or a member who could support and enjoy the Club's activities and projects.

Regarding the incoming Committee, I know the GCMRC will be in good hands to guide and lead it further into a successful future, I wish you all the very best and hope you enjoy participation in the GCMRC as much as I.