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Since 1979, the Garden City Model Railroad Club has been growing to the point that it is now open 7 days a week within the Ferrymead Heritage park.

We welcome you to this site and hope that one day you will be able to visit us in person to see our museum and club layouts.

President's Lines:

I'd like to start this month off with a word of thanks and appreciation to the "Thursday Group" for their quiet, behind the scenes work to enhance our club!

Notice that I called it the "Thursday Group" and not the "Seniors Group". The reason being, is that all members of all ages are most welcome, and indeed do come along. Yes, we do have regular "coffee breaks" (probably too many some days), and yes we do (sometimes!) spend an inordinate amounts of time trying to solve the world's problems! But for all that, quite a bit does get achieved, and sometimes, we have been known to run a train or two around the layouts. So if on a Thursday, you find yourself at a loose end, come on down to the club rooms and partake of the fellowship!

May I also take this opportunity to share with you a couple of my "Club" goals for this year!

First up (and not to put too sharp a point on it) we do need to continue our efforts to maintain our fantastic facility. We are making good progress on the repaint of the interior, and thanks to the efforts of some of the Thursday Group, our grounds are in pretty good shape as well. But the exterior of the building has a couple of areas that need the clubs (your) attention. I refer to a leaking gutter on the South side, and the non-metal cladding on the South and West Walls. The committee is making some progress in remedying these issues, but if you have any suggestions that may help overcome them, please feel free to contact either Secretary Arthur or myself.

Second up, is a desire to improve our "membership experience" (not that the club hasn't been doing a reasonable job at this), but what I mean is - endeavouring to "up" the level of enjoyment and satisfaction "you" are receiving from belonging. Sure, I harp on about "getting out what you put in" and all that stuff, and if you put in heaps, you should get plenty back out! But what's really important in all this, is that what you do get back out is worth the effort.

Just one way to achieve this I believe, it to have a more varied monthly meeting program. Guest Speakers, Clinics / Workshops, Layout Tours and maybe some "full size" railway education! (if you have any suggestions or maybe could put on a member's clinic, please get in touch with Anthony Stroud).

Another way would be to make greater use of our biggest assets - our layouts! At this juncture, I'd remind members they can go down to the club rooms at any time and run trains. The layouts are yours, feel free to use them! Can I also encourage members to feel free to arrange a running session with a group of members - a gathering of our younger members maybe! If you need a hand with setting a session up, or accessing the building, speak up (maybe having your own key is a solution!)

Well that's it for this month!

Hope you are all looking forward to a successful winter of modelling - Happy Rails to you!

John McIntosh